We need your help in making this event a success. The tournament committee is seeking 100 individuals to contribute $100 each in our grassroots fund-raising efforts to meet the dual mission of bringing world-class tennis to Fort Worth, while supporting health and wellness in our community.
Special Recognition
Linda Cappel
Jeanne Gulner & Kenneth Rees
Jeff Harwell
Circle of 100
Alan Alpar
Allison McKnight
Amy Chappell
Anne Ferguson
Brendan & Elizabeth Reagan
Bridget & Jerry Thomas
Cami Christ Goff
Carol & Garry Anderson
Cherrie & Brad Ibbott
Christine Figley
David Roditi
Debra Cook
Donna Ray
Dr. & Mrs. Danny Walker
Dr. & Mrs. William S. Wolff
Erin Aldrich
Gary N. Pointer, D.D.S.
In honor of Bill Rosenthal
Jackie Daniel
Jeff & Lesley Bush
Jeff Moore
Julia & Roger Dobbins
Julie Phillips
Kalisha Lee
Kara & Brian Bell
Karen & David Rhodes
Ken Keenum
Kenneth Mitchell
Linda Herchert
Linda Hochster
Mary Margaret Hamilton
Mary Shannon
Melissa Taylor
Meredith Luskey
Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Walker
Paul W. Schulz
Robert & Andrea Rhodes
Robyn & Craig Kelly
Rose Anne Cranz
Sissy & Mitch Boll
Stanley Eisenman
Sunflower Shoppe
Tim & Natasha Hatcher
Tod & Laura Miller
West Fork Landscaping
Will & Kay Stansbery